Parenting newborns and infants, up to 1 year Group

This is a group for those of us who have newborn babies, or infants anywhere from the newborn stage up to a year since there is not a forum specifically targeted for that age group. I think it's very important that people have this forum to share experience and gain advice on the small things involved with newborn/infant care...and this is also a place for new mothers (or fathers!) to speak about the difficulties (or joys) about their new babies, and to get support if you feel like you're struggling with adjustment. Please note::: this forum is NOT a substitute for medical advice. If your newborn has any potential medical problem, seek professional medical help immediately. DO NOT WAIT FOR AN ANSWER ON THIS FORUM. Call your pediatrician or take your child to the nearest ER or Urgent Care Center. Any indications of serious distress, high fevers, excessive vomiting, lethargy, fussiness, lack of appetite, etc are all things that must be evaluated ASAP by a medical professional so please seek help and do not wait..newborns are delicate and time spent waiting could be vital. With that being said...please feel free to ask any and all questions about the day-to-day care involved with newborns and infants, and if you feel as though you're having trouble adjusting please feel free to speak your mind and vent your concerns here and get the support you need. Congratulations on joining our community, I hope that you find the friends and answers you're looking for! I also recommend this group for pregnant women who can hopefully learn some very helpful tips for once their bundle of joy arrives!
We're soon going to transition our son from a bassinet to a baby bed - he is 4 months and a half. He is unable to fall asleep on his own,...
This is so odd. Yesterday Ryder had his breakfast as normal, and at lunch time a bit of yogurt (normal, we are not quite up to 3 solids ...
So we had one other episode like this a few months ago, but it's much worse this time. Ryder is an incredibly social baby...loves people...
Just courious as to what everyone's schedule is for their 9 month old. Ours had been working great for a few months but now Trinity seems...
My 7 week old is scheduled for his 2 month vaccinations next week and I am already dreading it His doctor recommended bringing infant Ty...
First of all, I apologize if this seems like a silly question - my oldest son (now 4 years old) didn't have yogurt until he was well over...
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