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My dauther was potty trained during the day at 33 months (night time she had pull-ups), For the past 3 months (she is 39 months now) she...
Hi My 8 year old girl has always been a difficult child since birth, until she was three we were told she had milk and soya intolerance, ...
For the past two or three weeks, my grandson has been screaming and crying and refusing to go to sleep in his own room. He has kept his ...
Hi there Just a question about my 4 and a half year old daughter. She gets extremelty emotional over the slightest things for example ...
I have a nine year old who is constantly lying to me about changing his underwear every morning. I would first tell him to dress for the ...
My 3 yr old puts everything in his mouth despite me asking him to take it out of his mouth. Also, he is very stubborn and when I ask him ...
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