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Questions in this forum are answered by pediatric cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and anesthesiologists from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. This forum is for questions and support about pediatric heart problems, symptoms and topics such as heart murmurs, palpitations, fainting, chest pain, congenital heart defects (including management and intervention), fetal cardiology, adult congenital cardiology, arrhythmias and pre-participation athletic screening.
My 12 day old baby is diagnosed with 5mm perimembranous VSD (medium ). Though he is not showing any symptoms now, doctors have advised us...
Are there cardiac manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis that are not audible on a stethoscope. I've been diagnosed with the condition, h...
Hello,I am from Bangladesh. My son has cardiology problem. At the age of 1 month 1week,we found through Echocardiography that "A small AS...
hi doc, pls help to ease my worry. my baby diagnosed with PMVSD measuring 4-5mm, left to right shunt. her birth weight is 3.3kg and she's...
My one month old son was suffering from 3mm OSTIUM SECUNDUM ASD. The consulted doctor said that it will get close automatically when the ...
My son is now an active 4 1/2 y/o with TOF, absent pulmonary valve syndrome. He had his repair at 5 weeks of age and had a difficult rec...
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