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I see this question asked a lot but the answers are people that are assuming it’s just “fat.” My daughter has always had a large stomach ...
I desperate need help for my 11 year old son. He is having pain in his groin area onset for about 6 years now. The pain is increasing. I ...
My 5 year old always has green poop that is mostly pebbles , and then turns into nausea, abdominal pain, and then - green slime diarrheas...
7 year old daughter has high a/g ratio, low mchc and wbc and leukocytes in urine. Is thus bad?
I would really appreciate a second opinion after seeing an endocrinologist who basically said it was diet and lifestyle, her sister exact...
My son has completely stopped growing. In 3 months he has not put on any weight or height at all. He is 2. Through out his life his growt...
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