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Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) Community

Pelvic organ prolapse. Pessary. Urogynecology. Terms that all women should be familiar with, terms that few women are. Pelvic organ prola...
In March 2018 I took a Depo shot but I haven’t went to take another since. at first I was constantly bleeding from late April to mid June...
I am 2 weeks into recovery from a recrocele cystocele and Davinci hysterectomy and sacrocolpoplexy. Wondering if and when it is safe to s...
Hi everyone! I had a mesh rectopexy 7 weeks ago for intususpection, enterocele and rectocele. Everything went well, no pain at all. But...
I read the many causes for prolapse.I see all the general reasons so to speak, but I am very intune with my body and know the accident I...
Hi! So I'm 22 and I've been confused the past few days and struggled to find photos which would comfort me - I'm trying to figure out if ...
I have a womb prolapse and the nurse put in a ring yesterday thought it was good now have terrible low back pain and went to toilet this...
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