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My mom has this health issue they found block artery on her right leg and they put her on meds for six months, if the meds don't work she...
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I am 61 years old, have a family history of severe heart disease, but I have a very healthy diet and have lived longer than two of my sib...
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My 81 year old husband had a stent placed in his left heart artery six months ago. He now is suffering from PAD symptoms. They are worse ...
I am a 29 year old female diagnosed with P.A.D. The femoral arteries are 90% blocked. I have had blood tests for lipids, factor 5, you na...
Hi, Im new to the forum. Ive been having problems with high blood pressures, high heart rates, and a high risk for thrombosis. Am I too y...
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My father, aged 80, is suffering from severe pain - his right leg has a condition that the doctor calls peripheral artery desease. He is ...
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For all those who see news stories of frustration with the VA -- Veterans Administration -- here is a story of PAD, CAD, phlebitis, and s...
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