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Hi Guys, I am 27yrs old, obese and moderately active. I don't have pain when I move,but I am having these pains in my arm, like when I pl...
Please interpret my Echo Report Normal LV with normal systolic function No segmental wall motion abnormality seen Normal Mitral and Aorti...
I have this sound someonee said could possibly be a bruit. It is a low pulsating noise, makes my ears vibration. Feel pulsating in the b...
I am a 29 years old white male, for about 2 months I am having problems in general I feel dizzy, have palpitations, and my left hand turn...
Hello, I am writing on behalf of my sister. She has been a long history of various health issues that started with very frequent hair ...
is it possible to open blocked artery 100% naturally with heavy vegetrain ,fruit diet..with heavy excercise for next 5 years....
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