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This forum is for pet health questions regarding Behavior Problems & Therapy.
This is our 3rd black lab. We're having a few issues with him and we're hoping he'll grow out of some of them, but could use some advice...
my dog is constantly licking the bricks of our home. usually he`s very obedient, except when he starts licking the bricks, then he`s in h...
my pup was corrected by my male counterpart for apparently being to 'rough' with the Big german shep pup. he then proceeded to go pee ove...
Shes eating her runs. why is this happening? Is this a dog to be put down. shes otherwise Very healthy. shes stressed. I know that much.
My dog constantly licks my leg. It seems like when he is nervous or somebody comes around me. Is this normal?
dear vet. my cat is an inhouse cat but from past 3days she's becoming un-controllable..she just sneaks out and go to neighbour's houses,...
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