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This forum is for pet health questions regarding Behavior Problems & Therapy.
I have two cats that are litter mates. One is male the other female. The male has become very aggressive toward the female. He stalks ...
My dog has a bad habit of humping his bed pillow every other day or when I have company over,he is constantly going to his bed pillow sho...
My 19 year old cat is driving my husband crazy. He (the cat) meows all day long. If we hold him and pet him he's ok for awhile. We give h...
Hi, I was wondering what an appropriate punishment is for my dog who poops on the rug overnight when she is feeling mad about something, ...
So, this dog is 100% stubborn and bull-headed. True to its breed. I'm happy with him in all usual day to day activities and situations....
My dog Freddie started having seizures as a little puppy. He had them almost daily for quite a while. (7 years, sorry but I couldn't af...
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