Pet Grief Support - In Loving Memory of Our Pet Group

On February 7th, my life was suddenly changed when I loss my most beloved 10 yr. old furbaby rottweiler Toby to a heart attack. I raised Toby since he was only six weeks old and was more than just a dog, he was a very important member of my family. When Toby died I felt as is a part of me had died with him and the pain, grief and sorrow that I experienced for over a year was life changing. As a long time active member with MedHelp, I felt that we needed a special forum for people as myself who have loved and loss a beloved pet and in need of comfort and support to express their feelings and share their story with others who have experience the pain of losing a pet. Only someone who has loved and loss a furbaby can understand the pain, grief and sorrow that is experienced, so I dedicated this special forum to all our beloved furbaby (cat, dogs, birds, horses, all creatures) that have passed and have left a paw print of love in our heart and taught us what true unconditional love is. They have now crossed over to that special place called Rainbow Bridge.
hi! i have a 1week old shih tzu he's healthy but my little brother accidentally stepped on its head :( after that i checked on him and i ...
" In Loving Memory of Toby - 2/7/01" To my "best boy" Toby, as I write your t...
This is such a very sensitive and difficult question and process. When is the right time to euthanize a beloved pet? I believe that when...
my bestfriends dog passed away last night on his own in their bed. he was only 2 years old, a blue nose pittbull, beautiful grey color w...
I strongly recommend it. It's anywhere from $25 to $40 a month. My niece spend $1,400 in 2 days emergency vet hosptial cash! She could no...
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