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Hello everyone, I have been with my partner for about 5 years (we are both approaching 30), but recently he has expressed an interest ...
Hello all. For the last couple of months I've been having some very bad rabies anxiety. It seems like everywhere I go I've been having pa...
Okay basically, i'm 15 and i can't sleep alone. Most of the time i sleep in my sisters bedroom, but she is beginning to get annoyed with ...
Okay so here is my story i'm 22 years old , i don't like being traped in a room or a place but i''ve never experienced a panic or anythin...
How can I get over a phobia. I have a very weird phobia, i always have the fear of some bug or creature flying in my ear. I never wear my...
I have an overwhelming anxiety and think the lab technician poked me with a infected needle on purpose when I had labs drawn about 3 week...
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