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This is a place to get answers to your personal questions about how physical therapy can help you recover from injuries or lessen pain caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis.
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I ruptured my quad while lifting weights. A 225lbs hex bar fell on both of my quads but mainly my right one. How long dose will it take t...
I have been told that i might have a rotator cuff injury and I run mid distance for track and I have a meet coming up and have not been t...
So at all most the end of football season I hered a loud pop in my shoulder and last week started to do exercise is it supposeto hurt for...
Okay so I'm having these weird dreams..sexual dreams about the guy that got me preg.we weren't dating. He used me to cheat on his gf & I ...
Hi! I'm 30 years old and on Nov 11th fell through my attic floor about 12 feet onto my garage concrete floor. I broke my pelvic (unstable...
Ok so I have a seven month old son and after monthes of being tired and depressed i finally got tested for hypothyroidism. Well it came b...
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