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Hi, my forehead is sunken in and the upper portion protrudes out more than the rest, what procedure would help fix this? does anyone else...
Hi I am after the second opinion as I seem to be getting from bad to worse everyday after breast reduction. Up to 3rd week, all was and I...
Is there anyone in the Portland, OR that will do pro-bono lipo/breast implants for a single mother with no money. I am 22yrs old and have...
Hello, After 5 days of nose job I went to ent doctor. She was assistant doctor , not the doctor who did the surgery. There was still a...
Hey! I'm yet to find a decent supplier of boocouture 100u products? Can you recommend any please?
When i hit my teens i slowly started to realise that my finges where different from other people around me. I asked my mother about this ...
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