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Both breast reduction and Breast lift are about re-positioning the nipple areolar complex to a more appropriate level (above the Inframam...
I had .5 Restalyne filler injected under each eye via a cannula in May 2019 and have had sharp intermittent pain in my left cheek ever si...
I'm thinking about getting my spider veins injected - anyone have the procedure done? Were your results good? Did you need follow-up? ...
I'm in Colorado Springs. I take good care of myself, but you just can't escape the aging process. So I was looking for cosmetic surgery o...
I have slipped rib syndrome- the cartilage of my 10th rib is permanently fractured and the ligaments of both this and the 11th rib are hy...
i have been measuring my blood sugar levels recently and it seems that mainly my problem is my fasting count -usually between 96 and 112....
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