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2 years ago I had a neck lift, with lipo under the chin and my upper and lower eyes done. I have had constant and often debilitating pai...
hello friends, my name is gaurang and i from india. my age is 24 and doing job in private company.my problem is that i have acne ...
I am 20 years old and i have big lower lip.Even my upper lip is a little bit big and is there any possibility that my lips can be augment...
I stay at Kolkata now decided to do Breast implant at repose plastic surgery in Kolkata, I want to know is it safe to do this at this time?
I have spasms on my neck, also a lump. Doctor sad it some pocket? I don’t want another surgery. What should I do ? Laser ? Ultrasound the...
I am a 27 y/o male. Two days ago, I had Botox procedure between my eyebrows. This morning, with no apperant reasons, I woke with a full r...
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