Playgroup: Babies 0-6 Months Community

WELCOME TO THE PLAYGROUP: BABIES 0-6 MONTHS COMMUNITY: This Playgroup is a support community where parents of babies 0-6 months old can discuss topics such as baby health, safety, developmental milestones, sleeping, feeding, crying, as well as social challenges and financial concerns. We invite you to relax, and stay awhile. It's your place to share advice and make new friends!
I noticed my 4 month old tongue was blue earlier in day . Then turned dark blue then at night it was greyish black. I gave him blueberry ...
I had my baby 3 weeks ago and im already starting to get baby fever!!! I love my baby girl being so little but I feel like she's already ...
can i give my baby a pacifier as soon as she is born???
So my baby girl is 6 days old, and she will not go into her bassinette. The only way I can get her to sleep is to lie down with her and h...
Hey ladies, how is weight loss going for everyone? I'm 1 week pp and I'm down 23 pounds. 14 was off right after birth but the other 9 has...
So I stopped bleeding at 3 weeks pp, I'm now 6 weeks pp and I'm having little bits of brown blood. I'm breastfeeding. Does anyone know wh...
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