Please_Help950's Gaming Group Group

This is a group for anyone of any age, to get together to create/play games. If you would like, this is also a place in where you can chat about any kinds of games. Ex. Video Games, Board Games, Card games, etc. A great place to help ease your mind of your pain and have fun!!!!! :)
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Does anyone have any suggestions for what might make this group better and/or more entertaining? What would you like to see more of in th...
What is your Favorite Gaming System???
Who is your favorite Game company out of these three???
great group, i love dominos, yatzee and other board games but i never outgrew the video games, i have a psp, ps2, ps3 (broken) wii, and d...
This is a game for people who love watching TV and/or Movies. :) Rules: The first person would post a piece of dialog, a...
It's cute .. not sure .. is that a frog?
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