Positive Thoughts Group

Hi, My name is Survivable. Two years ago I started concentrating on Daily Positive Thoughts, and it has helped improve my emotional, physical, and spiritual, life. If you agree, join this group, read my daily thoughts, add your positive thoughts, and/or comment. Thanks for visiting.
Much of behavior is determined by the words we use. We think in words, lay out our lives by words, and tend to be governed by the words w...
by Anil Bhatnagar Have you ever thought about the fact that there is never a moment when you are not thinking—that whatever happens in t...
NEGATIVE THOUGHTS Imagine a strong sun radiating a powerful light. Use this mental sunshine to kill your negative, undesirable thought...
I am new to this group and wish everyone the best. If I could leave you with one thought which was a gift from my GodFather to my wife a...
Just wanted to say hello, I just joined the group tonight. It is late and I am watching my 3 grandchildren tomorrow. I have read some won...
I'm needing some uplifting affirmations that I can say to myself.I have chronic hep 'c, and thr treatment makes that we always
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