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I have always thought this place needed a prayer forum. Everyone on this site has rough days from time to time or even all of the time and prayer seems to help me get through my roughest days. Since MedHelp no longer allows religious discussions, that doesn't mean we can't pray for each other and our loved ones. Post your prayers and let the healing begin!
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Hello Friends, I would like prayer from all of you for me regarding some personal family issues, children, and financial/work issues. Als...
This is hard on me to write about. I believe in my marriage even in the midst of the storm. Yet at this moment I don't believe in my husb...
I Have a prayer need for Bria, very turbulent time for her right now and myself as well. I am new to the site here and so glad a prayer s...
I'm a 23 year old women who just recently found out she was pregnant. This is my first child and I was very excited. This baby is a mirac...
Ok, I have debated on asking ya for prayer alot over these last two weeks. See about two weeks ago my life started to fall apart. My husb...
I am really struggling today, it's like the last straw when my mother vents. I live with her again - I am disabled and she is a senior an...
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