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I have always thought this place needed a prayer forum. Everyone on this site has rough days from time to time or even all of the time and prayer seems to help me get through my roughest days. Since MedHelp no longer allows religious discussions, that doesn't mean we can't pray for each other and our loved ones. Post your prayers and let the healing begin!
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I'm very new to this site, but I'd really appreciate it if everyone would keep me in you prayers, I've been having some health related an...
Tonight I brought up my husband's drinking again with him. At first he was ok with this but didn't seem to want to talk about it. Lately ...
I am a Christain woman, and I do my best to do what Jesus would. He is really the whole reason I am a member of MedHelp. Jesus would wa...
Hello all, For the last three months I have been working extra hard at two jobs. I work at the IRS full time and on Saturdays I work a...
Hi everyone, i would like to request for a prayer for my grandma who is now hospitalized and is in critical condition. The doctor say she...
Praise the Lord, My name is Beulah and i think i am pregnant and i would like you all to pray for my healthy pregnancy as i am sure Je...
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