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If you've been trying to conceive (TTC) for less than one year, this patient support community is the place to discuss your hope, inspiration, joy and struggles, as you sprinkle Baby Dust during the Two Week Wait (TWW). If you’ve been trying to conceive for more than one year, please visit our Fertility/Infertility/IVF Community.
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My boyfriend and I are TTC we actually had sex 7 days before my period was due. My period was due October 12. It is now the 16th. Every t...
Sore Nipples
Hello I am 42 old mother of 2 grown up kids aged 16 and 12 (boys) I am suffering from hypothyroidism {4.67μIU/ml }. This year july i conc...
Hello, I was scheduled this morning for an HSG test. During the procedure, the doctors weren't able to get the catheter in my cervix, the...
Hi everyone, Ever since my husband and I started trying for kids, I feel like I haven't stopped bleeding or spotting. I used to have p...
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I always have irregular periods and I don't know my ovulation date,please help me to get pregnant
Hey I'm just curious because for the past couple of year since I took out the iud(mirena) my period have not been the same some times I g...
I left my pill (Minerva) beginning May after i was on it from around May 2015 after I had my son. We want to try for a second baby but si...
Hi, so I just tested positive twice for pregnancy. I had stillbirth in Feb. 2017 and had three periods after with no sign of problems. I ...
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Trying to conceive
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How long can sperm live in a condom? if they were implanted into the woman an hour after intercourse, is it possible to get pregnant
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Hi guys , I've been trying for a month now with the help of Pregnitude. Has anyone else used this product? I've seen results already. Wen...
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I just want to take a dang HPT test already. I have SOOO much creamy cm which is odd because I have had to use progesterone in the past. ...
How long should you wait till you do a test , or should I definatley get symptoms ?
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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant over a year now. My period will be 9 weeks late tomorrow and I've gone to the doctor tw...
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I started today my 4th round clomid 50mg days 3-7 I want to do my best to make it my round because I'm so stress the other 3 rounds didn'...
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I did my first iui on 19th of this month ... I am 11 dpiui... I was having gassy stomach at early days after iui ...then a white lotion l...
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My husband and I have been trying to conceive our second child together. And boy has it been hard. Anyway, AF is due in 3days according t...
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I'm 27 and I've been trying to have another baby my first baby was a preemie but also I have a small cyst and fibroid there only 3 inches...
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Hi! We have been ttc since we had a miscarriage in May. I'm due on my period today and have been having pink spotting and a little bit ...
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