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I have been having unprotected test with my boyfriend for about 3 months now, but every time we have sex, and only when we have sex, I bl...
Hello, For the last 5-6 days Ive been getting positive OPKs... I didnt think that could happen... Does anyone know why Id be getting p...
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Sorry in advance for the long post! I am currently pregnant with my first baby and just looking to clear up a few things regarding my ...
I just had my son about 33 days ago and I stopped bleeding already but I was spotting so I thought it was my period I still have a few we...
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Hi, my last menstrual bleeding was on 9th March. On April 10 urine test came positive. I went to doctor she recommended blood hcg. Which ...
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Does anyone else have itchy hands and feet? Is it normal?
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Were not all down on you. Just the ones who get pregnant on purpose. Us other women on here see girls 16 saying they cant get pregnant an...
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I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I completely stopped smoking marijuana when I found out. I was a really heavy smoker, smoked sever...
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Lower back pain and lower pelvic pain as well not really any odor to it
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OK so im 37 weeks and 1 day according to my doctor and i lost my mucus plug when i was 34 weeks and im dilated to a 2 and 50 percent effa...
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I have a clear liquid coming out ofmy boobs when I squeeze them is this normal
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So im pregnant with my second little one. I'm due october 4th. The doctor is going off my last menstrual period. Well im supposed to be 1...
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I didn't have any symptoms for a long time. Others seem to have them sooner. And I know some people worry because they don't feel pregn...
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My daughter is 35 and 7 wks pregnant. She lost the 1st one. The ultrasound shows baby is small and bpm is 82. Is miscarriage imminent?
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I’ve had constant pelvic pain for more than 24 hours, it’s so sore I can berly walk or switch positions. Any idea on what it might be?
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So i went to the er about 2 weeks ago..hcg was 1099. Ultrasound showed gestational sac under 5 weeks old.....then 2 days ago i ended up g...
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Earlier today I was trying to bring in the groceries and every time I went out to the car my daughter would run outside and I'd end up gr...
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So before I get hate, mj is not a drug nor is it bad, it's medicinal for a reason. Before I got pregnant I smoked regularly because of my...
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howdoyou post a photo ?
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Ok, so I'm about 33 weeks pregnant and have noticed a few bumps around the opening to my vagina, some inside. I did have some itching/bur...
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