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I'm confused on this
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Me and my husband is having a boy
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Hi everyone. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby. I have been feeling this dreadful pain in my pubic area since week 14. It feels like...
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I just found out that I'm prengnat with my first baby and haven't seen a doctor yet
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Hi, this is my third pregnancy and my doctor suggested I do progesterone shots since with my 1st child my water broke at 35 weeks and I'...
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I know i have a week to go. But this baby is driving me crazy.. And i would also like the baby to have it's own month since my birth mont...
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Hello. Im 21 weeks pregnant. I want to know when is the ideal time to do detail scan to detect any defect on baby. Also want to know the ...
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Hi I'm 5 weeks and my toddler still nurses pretty often. I planned on letting her self wean. I was seeing how anyone else's toddlers wean...
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I'm 38 weeks and am worried about milk supply. I know milk doesn't come in till a few days after baby is born. This is my 4th pregnancy a...
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Hey everyone! I'm about 5 weeks and don't have a Dr. Appointment until 8 weeks. I asked the nurse if I should completely cut out coffee o...
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M 29 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. My fasting blood sugar came as 103, and my doctor has put me on gestational diabetes diet. Other day I w...
The good and the bad of pregnancy!! What do you enjoy most about being pregnant and what do you enjoy least (or don't like at all . . . ...
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I am 13 weeks pregnant. Had my first ultrasound today and found out that baby is on my cervix. I have limitations until baby shifts away....
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Hi all, I just entered my third trimester and I can't stop worrying about people wanting to touch or hold my baby when he comes. I feel b...
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Does anyone have any experience with receiving duramorph along with there spinal anesthesia for c section? This is what they commonly use...
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Did an ultrasound at work today just to see what was going on because Ive been having left lower quadrant pain. Baby looks good with a he...
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I'm a tad bit overweight from when I started my pregnancy. And I carry most of my weight around my belly. I am just wondering when women ...
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How many weeks is considered full term? I have heard that baby can come anytime after week 36, but the expected date of delivery that doc...
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Dear ladies I am almost 21 weeks pregnunt with babyboy and I am Under weight .51kg . I am worried .is this normal plz answer
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I'm 9w3d and I had my first baby appointment today, my doctor didn't even attempt to listen for baby's heartbeat, is that normal?
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