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I will be having my twin by way of c section.. I'm scared to be honest. How long does it take to recover. I had my son natural with no me...
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hey every one this is my first pregnancy and i am not sure on how i want to deeliver my baby in to the world lol sounds stupid i know but...
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I heard if your obese that the doc. Will deffently give c section and I wanted a natural birth...if it helps I'm 5"6" and i weight 240 a...
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Hi I'm currently 12 wks pregnant with my 3rd !! In both my deliveries I had the epidural n it definitely made child birth easy even kno w...
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When you have a member of family that is expecting a baby, it is critical to prepare yourself in the event the child determines ahead jus...
Oky how do i figure this out. Im a ftm , can someone help me?
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I'm 20 and this is my first pregnancy. Im 4'10" and way a little over 100 pounds I'm worried that the doctor is going to suggest a c sect...
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How can I get short term maternity health insurance? My husband and I have insurance and we have a son that has needed this plan bc of ch...
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First pregnancy- can someone enlighten me to birth plans. I thought hospital but want to know options.
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Hi, Please visit our Baby Communities by Due Date/Month **2013** October
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Im 29 weeks and don't have a birth plan. Can anyone walk me thru that please?
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I need to write out my birthplan but I have no clue what all is supposed to be in it...? Please help..
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I had a child over 2 years ago and will have my second child in about 6 months. I was unable to have my first child vaginal because she w...
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Dear sir, My periods are irregular. Last it started on 26 October. This month it started by 7 December. I done my HCG also. For that I ...
My period was due on 9th november.i have irregular periods.i hd unprotected sex with my partner on 12th november. I am still due for my p...
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I wanted to know how can you tell if tou fertile? Becsuse ive been trying to get pregnant ever since my 1 and last forced abortion and im...
I have heard a water birth is better when you give labor then traditional method. Is that true or is it prefrence?
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As everyone gets really impatient in their final weeks of pregnancy, i just wanted to know is there any tips on how to have my little one...
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