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I need to write out my birthplan but I have no clue what all is supposed to be in it...? Please help..
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I need a baby. But my menstrual cycle is irregular. So I need to make it proper. Is that ok to take folic acid while I'm using yasmin bir...
I want to have sex with my partner nd I dnt want to get pregnant please when is the right tym to have it?
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Ok ladies I'm TTC my fertile window started Saturday the 27th and ends tomorrow the 1st. My estimated ovulation date is supposed to be to...
My period usually delays by do i calculate my day of ovulation? Does delay in period also signifies delay in ovulation? How...
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i want to get pregnant of baby boy how ican do that
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I recently started drinking an organic red raspberry leaf tea.( two weeks in to drinking it) how quickly will it help me become pregnant?
how can i get pregnant???? and my hubby want a baby now but unfortunately nothing......we are hoping baby soon....
Just wanted to join this new forum im 14+1:))
I am reading Dr Bradley's, "The Husband Coached childbirth" and am pretty set on a natural childbirth utilizing my husband rather then a ...
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I have no idea how to write my birth plan or even where to begin! Can somebody please help i know im not breastfeeding or having a natura...
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I have taken both nature made and citranatal and had some side effects on both including: loss of sleep, weight loss, dizziness, etc. I h...
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I'm a little frustrated right now. My husband and I live in rural community in the mountains. I'm due in Feb. The plan was that I would h...
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I am a ftm so not 100% sure what to expect when giving birth. I don't have a birth plan BUT I want to try to go all natural. I am 35w4d. ...
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Has anyone breastfed right after giving birth? I want to make that apart of my birthing experience and was wondering if anyone has done it?
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DH and I were talking last night, and he is terrified of me trying a VBAC, or having a c-section, or anything labor related!! He went to ...
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how do you find a new "good" ob once you've already hit your second trimester?
Alright, so the plan for me is to do it as natural as possible.. im terrified of hospitals. I've only been to them for other people, neve...
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How many of us are planning on having a csection for delivery? I was told i would have to have a repeat csection, so im just curious to k...
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