Pregnancy: Feb 2018 Babies Community

This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in February 2018.
Consider this your virtual mother's group. Post your questions here, welcome others, and get to know each other!
I just found out I was pregnant, the night before i took a test while having sex my husband said I was pregnant he could feel it and my c...
I am only 6 weeks pregnant, and bloated to the max. I look 5 months pregnant.. also I have been producing do much saliva I can't stop swa...
is it possible to get a flat stomach after a c section I had v deliverys before but was thinking if i do a c section will help on restor...
I'm 5 foot tall and currently weigh between 100 and 102 pounds. According to the charts I am below the average weight. This is my second ...
My period was due on the 8th, and no signs of it yet. I ovulated the 1st (my periods are 24 days long and I ovulate a week prior, it's we...
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