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Hai since im pregnant i really love spicy food but what if i eat too much spicy food ?? Is it okay for the baby ?? By the way im 8 weeks ...
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I've seen so many different answers and I'm wanting to know what you think 23 weeks is in months
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Which name do you love?
We have two names in the running for our daughter. The middle name is after his grandmother. Can't decide. Which one do you prefer? Thanks!
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Where are all the dads? I am a dad and I have used this app before with my last child. Well I am back again. Am I the only guy?
I had a very rough 1st trimester and was really sick all the time. My 3 year old daughter was mostly taken care of between my husband and...
I'm 15 weeks as of today healthy baby , still no pregnancy symptoms what's so ever . Anyone else ?
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Any mom's pregnant with twins? Did you experience this? This is my second pregnancy, with my son I had no complications, no issues, no...
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This is my first pregnancy so everything is new and very exciting!! I was wondering if i could start pimping milk & freezing it early lik...
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I'm waiting to be seen but I think mine is the 15th.
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Ive started to get terrible pimples on my usually clear face, it's making me very self conscious. I know I have to stay away from harsh p...
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First child , and im due jan 1st . anyone else ?
I am feeling a little guilty about my food choices on some days. I am finding I am feeling hungry more regularly and trying to eat more f...
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Made a Facebook group for January 2018 babies. The name is: January Bugs - 2018 Trying to keep it discreet, since I haven't told anyo...
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Does anyone already look about 4 months pregnant at 5 weeks due to bloating?
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Hello everyone, right now i m 9 weeks pregnant. I had intercourse during ovulation day and before or after ovulation day.. What is the ch...
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Had an ultrasound that showed nothing when I was 6wk 2 days. Tech said might be just earlier than they think I am, ectopic or going to m/...
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I went to a regular and vaginal ultrasound last week but they didn't a baby:( just a sac! I haven't bled or anything can this mean my bab...
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Hi everyone im 6+4 weeks and just got my appointmemt for fetal assessment on the 9th of June.I cannot wait for it to confirm that everyth...
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Just went to my first vaginal ultrasound and all they found was a sac not a baby!!:((( has anyone else gone thru this???:( I'm supposed t...
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