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hi my name is lisa and i will be having a baby girl i already have a name pick out Maykaylynn. I don't know who is the father or any...
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Okay. I'm in a situation here. I'm pregnant and had a few questions about paternity. I had my period Sept 22nd, 07 and had unprotected...
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Anybody experiencing cramps? I know they say that you feel some sort of cramping or pain when everything is shifting but I don't think th...
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i just wanted to say hello and that i am expecting a baby girl on july 29 2008. please feel free to contaqct me or reply to my posts that...
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My doctor says there could be a problem with my baby, and wants me to do one of those test where they stick the needle in your stomach, w...
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Hi, We've had a lot of requests from our members for the ability to leave a quick note of support, congrats, a thank you, or even a hu...
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