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I recently had a miscarriage early January and I just found out I'm pregnant again the app says I'm between 6-7 weeks I hadn't told anyon...
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I'm 11 weeks and 4 days and just started having some spotting. Should I be worried? I've had back pain like period pain today as well. Ho...
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Im pregnat with twins I'm very afraid after last year mc I do have a handsome 11yrs old but sometimes I have some spotting is it common w...
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Hi everyone. I'm 11+3 weeks pregnant with twins and I'm huge already. Is this normal so soon? I can't wait till the 7th for my dating sca...
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Before my pregnancy, I was really active. I enjoyed long hikes, backpacking, going to the gym, and doing hot yoga. I even started a weigh...
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone else only saw a gestational sac at 5 weeks 0 days?
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Hi all Not a native speaker so forgive me my mistakes. At the moment 8.5 weeks pregnant and had the first ultrasound last week and it ...
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Hi everyone I'm 10 weeks today and I've been having nausea since 5 weeks it's all day and I'm throwing up every other day or so anyone go...
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So when my husband and I told his parents that we are pregnant they also gave us the exciting news that his brother and his wife are also...
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Ive had steady pinching in my left lower abdomen all day ... I assume this means growth? Doesn't feel like cramping
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We've just found out our first round of IVF has been successful and I'm 4 weeks pregnant. Anyone else having IVF? I'm 37 and terrified o...
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Hello everyone Any other mother with type 2 diabetes, How can I deal with it during pregnancy? Thanx <3
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Im 22, i just had a baby in april and i just found out im pregnant again. What are some tips or any advice/things ill definitely need. Th...
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