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Hi all Not a native speaker so forgive me my mistakes. At the moment 8.5 weeks pregnant and had the first ultrasound last week and it ...
Hi everyone I'm 10 weeks today and I've been having nausea since 5 weeks it's all day and I'm throwing up every other day or so anyone go...
So when my husband and I told his parents that we are pregnant they also gave us the exciting news that his brother and his wife are also...
Ive had steady pinching in my left lower abdomen all day ... I assume this means growth? Doesn't feel like cramping
We've just found out our first round of IVF has been successful and I'm 4 weeks pregnant. Anyone else having IVF? I'm 37 and terrified o...
Hello everyone Any other mother with type 2 diabetes, How can I deal with it during pregnancy? Thanx <3
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