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Pregnancy: May 2008 Babies Community

This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in May 2008.
How are all the momma's doing? who's in the May babies club with me?? I am so in love with little Maddie I haven't even had time to go an...
Hey just wondering if anyone is due around the end of may? Not to much longer, im kinda wondering when the drs start checking our cervix...
Hey ladies haven't been on for a couple of days I went to the doctor last friday and he said that on May 9, 2008 he would schedule m...
My daughter is 38 weeks pregnant with her first baby...my 1st grandbaby. She is due May 21st, she is a tiny girl and is an average "preg...
I am 40 weeks today and went to the doctors earlier today and he checked my cervix and said that I was 1cm dialated and he told me that h...
How is everyone doing and when is everyone expected to deliver? I am scheduled for May 15th. YEA!!!! Only 2 weeks. I am counting the ...
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