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Premature Babies Community

Hi, My 5month old son (premature born at 34w) has been vomiting every night for the past month or two at 3am. It isn’t like normal spit ...
Hello everyone, I am trying to look for some answers to questions that have bothered me for some time. I am currently 32 years old and k...
Hello, I Vape and smoke bud not everyday but in moderation, I was also born premature meaning My lungs and brains was not fully develope...
I can’t find any info on this what so ever, but my son was born at 22 weeks and we try and try to get him to eat any kind of solids or ba...
On June 11th I gave birth to my first child..a son at 22 weeks of pregnancy. He did not survive. I have so many questions and I'm still...
I found you online as I was researching about choanal atresia. My new born niece was just diagnosed with it and hoping you can help me. ...
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