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Premature Babies Community

My son has been born at 32 weeks. My wife lost her waters early in the pregnancy. We found out at 20 week scan. My wife was then scanned ...
Hi my twin girls were born at 29 weeks on June 14th and the eldest has been battling infections for 3 weeks and the medical team have bee...
Are there any preemie mums who have gone on to have full term babies? My son came on 1st Sept this year and was meant to come 23 Dec, he ...
Sir, i feel like i dont hav a thinking capacity on left side brain, my left hand fingers doesnt respond well what i want to direct them m...
I our little one was born at 35 weeks 6 days and weighed in at 4LBS 4OZ. She is currently still in the NICU due to her not eating wel...
I had a complete horrible experience. I found out I was pregnant for the second time and I was beyond excited. then I found out I was hav...
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