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my 54 yr old husband went to doctor on 5/24/11. He told her he was there for his annual physical. She listened to his heart, palpated h...
I'm in my early 30s and just found out I have severe Osteoporosis in hips (due to eating disorder in early teens). Is it possible to inc...
1. Recently i underwent my cholesterol check and my total cholesterol is 194, HDL is 52.6, LDL is 122.1, Triglycerides is 98 and VLDL ch...
I saw online that bleach was a household remedy for ringworm... are there any risks for repeated application of bleach to your skin?
My brother is suffering from DVT in both legs. He is 34 years old. His INR was 1.12 after taking warfarin 5 mg went to 2.5 now went low...
What does Beta hCG Quant 1.0 IU/L mean???
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