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Oh my goodness, today my dad received the results of his bone scan, via e-mail, which I think is a crappy way to receive bad news. He ha...
I think I already know the answer but I'm curious what others think. My two uncles have (had) prostate cancer. One had the type that...
after 10 weeks psa after surgery was <0.10 what does the numbers mean
What are the common first signs that someone may have prostate cancer? Could we share here to get an idea?
Male, 58, Gleason 4+3=7. Considering treatments including Da Vinci robot. I'm from EU, my country has no Da Vinci robot and no robo...
56 years diagnosed with 1st stage prostate cancer. Consulted 3 doctors. 1. One said to operate. 2. Second said not to operate ...
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