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Meds I take: Irbesartan, Thyroxin
My husband, who is 61 years old has recently been diagnosed with Grade 3 Prostate cancer. His PSA was 5.31, before being diagnosed. The b...
In 2002 I had RRP surgery and radiation treatment. My PSA remained .02 or less for 8 years and then began to slowly rise. At .03 PSA in...
Hope everyone will have great health in 2020. Question about Prostate Screen Results (PSA) I am a 60 year-old male. Non drinker, non s...
Hello, Can someone please help me understand my ultrasound result. result was: THE PROSTATE IS NOT ENLARGED. THE PARENCHYMA HAS NORMAL...
I underwent a TURP surgery for my BPH earlier this year, and now I suffer from retrograde ejaculation. That's why my partner (F 29) and I...
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