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hello, i am a 64 year old male and recently noticed that i have blood in my urine. this has been ongoing for a couple of days and now ...
hi i am an 18yr male.about about 19days ago i got diagnosed with an enlarged prostate.during that first examination,there was no blood or...
On occations I bleed from my penis. Had MRI's to check me out and also cystoscopy but everything was negative and my uralogist could not...
I try to find a solution for my problem. Like few months(5-8) ago I have experienced some erectile dysfunction with my girlfriends. I...
Hi, I am a 30 year old male. The two symptoms seen in my case are Lack of erection and shrinking of the penis to size I have never se...
Hello, I'm a 27 years old man and I have been living with pelvic pain for more than two years. The vague symptoms I had at first (gene...
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