Psychopharmacology Group

The function of this group is to discuss, in an objective, fact-based fashion, the therapeutic benefits, adverse effects, interactions and risks of psychopharmacological agents.
Is it ok to go from Ativan to Valium ? I take 0.5mg each day and I am feeling inter dose anxiety between doses and I don't want to take m...
I have Bipolar I, and have been experiencing a great deal of relief from Lamictal/Lamotrigine for several years. However, my psychiatrist...
can psychoactive drugs do that perhaps? i heared muscimol (substance from a mushroom) can reduce td. it is also psychoactive. or cannabis?
I have sever depression, anxiety, and fibro. I am currently on Savella, which seems to have worked somewhat well for fibro and depressio...
Have been in clonazepam (2mg/daily) for about 5 years and in other anxiolitic medications (tranxene, etc.) for 20 years. Approx. 6 month...
I'm trying to stop taking my klonopin. I'v been taking almost daily for 4 months (.25mg-.5). I can go a week without then I feel I need t...
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