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Questions in the Diagnostic Radiology forum cover topics including body imaging, bone scans, breast imaging, CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRA, NMR, ultrasound, and x-rays.
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Does spinal hardware affect the outcome of a MRI when a scan is done on your spine? if so How?
I have chronic inactive HepB. A year ago I had a routine u/s and they found 2 7mm lesions that appeared to be benign hemangioma. I had ...
Hi, I had an MRI of my lumbar spine for low back pain and bilateral thigh pain and numbness. The results showed degeneration of the fa...
hi..im a medical technologist by profession and i wonder if you could make it easy for me to understand this ct scan results that was giv...
I was recently found to have a 8mm rounded sclerotic area in the l3 vertebral....can you put this into English for me ---- a previous xr...
sir, i m suffering by pain in my right shoulder for 3 month,i had MRI,having findings. The marrow signal is slightly hyper...
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