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Rare Diseases Community

i am still pretty new to medhelp. and i have Dercums Disease. so i was wondering how many of you on here do actually have it.... or think...
I keep having these spells like my brain is flipping upside down, Can someone help me? It only lasts a minute and then makes me very naus...
My very fit 16 yo son has an enlarged spleen, decreased lung function and no pain or symptoms. Six months of blood work and scans and no ...
I guess the story is long, but I'll shorten it as much as I can. I started noticing my accent was changing when I didn't mean it to or...
I have been having such a terrible time for so long with eye pain and terrible visual disturbances. Been to multiple specialists had an m...
My 80 year old husband has been suffering chronic hiccups for 6 + years and has been a generally healthy person, non smoker, and regular ...
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