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I have had Dercums Disease for many years but this is the first time I have heard anyone say about Type 11 or other types. How do you kno...
My brother was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera last December. His diagnosis came after having a stroke at 49 years old. That led to his...
Does anyone in here have Dercums Disease AKA Adiposis Dolorosa? I have painful lipomas all over my body and I wanted to know what pain me...
i am still pretty new to medhelp. and i have Dercums Disease. so i was wondering how many of you on here do actually have it.... or think...
Hi. I posted this in another forum but got no answers, so I thought I would try here. Thanks in advance for any advice. I was diagno...
My 80 year old husband has been suffering chronic hiccups for 6 + years and has been a generally healthy person, non smoker, and regular ...
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