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Questions in the Reconstructive Surgery Forum are being answered by Dr. Archibald Sanford Miller III, MD,FACS, the Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine.
Hi all, this is for my mother. It's been 2 years since she's had the double mastectomy they are gummy bear implants. She's tried phys...
can there be a recurrence of seromas in my abdominal wall after a year post-op?
I am 2 weeks post breast radiation, 33 treatments. The breast is continuing to decrease in size. I didn't tolerate the treatments very ...
Dear Doctor, This is my first visit to this site. In May 09, I was diagnosed with Pappillary Ca with multiple nodes (likely Ca) on le...
what causes fibroadenoma? is there any foods or task should be avoided in order that this will not occur again? please advice me.. thanks...
Hi. I am 24 yrs old. I was born with a bow leg. I inherited this from my father. Growing up, I've had a very low self esteem becuse of it...
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