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Let me start by giving my past experience and hers. 1.) I was cheated on twice, 1 was girlfriend of 7 years. Second was couple month Gf....
*8 months ago my ex bf broke up with me because apparently we were "having too much sex." afterwards I found out I was preggo by him. It ...
ive been with my boyfriend for a year and a half! on our year anniversary he didnt even say happy anniversary all i got as a present was ...
after 8 years of being with my partner i feel its time to move on! After EIGHT years & two children i feel his heart is still not in it &...
So I've been dating this guy for over two months now and it seems like our relationship is a waste but at the same time I have alot of fe...
Hi. I have been with my boyfriend whom is 17 yrs older than i am. He has two teenagers and is currently sharing a two bed apt with his ...
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