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I recently found a green anole outside and it has dark brown spots all over it's body. I read somewhere that this could mean that they ar...
I found a green anole in my flower bed and he was really sick. Almost dead I think. So I brought him in & put him in an enclosure with a ...
My joshua tree rosy boa escaped her terrarium. What's the best way to locate her?
My male anole's eyes are swollen shut, he keeps his mouth open as if gasping, and wanders aimlessly around the tank. What could be causin...
my anole lizard wont open his eyes and his eyes are sucked in, he is brown right now, and he can barely move, he can still bite and waddl...
I didn't know much about anoles but it got real cold in my house and I tried giving my anole warmth, I set him in front of the heater for...
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