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My husband can't breathe. Has had every possible test on heart and lungs and they're fine. Yes he has a belly and is about 50 overweigh...
What does Flow volume loop suggest slightly submaximal effort mean on an interpretation of a pulmonary function test?
My daughter takes lamictal for seizures shortly after beginning the lamictal she developed a tight cough.This began over a year ago. Peo...
I am 26 years female I have been having difficulty in taking breath, I have to take deep breaths to satisfy my lungs. At work/ exercise,...
Hi im 20 years old and smoke very heavily. It is something i really enjoy and couldn't quit. Will I still be able to get pregnant with my...
Is it possible to be diagnoased with moderate emphysema at only 29 years old? My girlfriend is a heavy smoker and has been having troubl...
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