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This patient support community is for discussions relating to lung and respiratory issues, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, colds/flu, chronic cough, COPD, lung abscess, nasal polyps, pleurisy, pneumonia, sarcoidosis, and tuberculosis.
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I have had asthma my whole life and when I got it (maybe a few times a month max) i'd use my inhaler and I would get that instant relief ...
I'm confused whenever i lay down a weirdness clicking sound comes from my throat, i don't feel any pain but this sound is annoying
I’m 21 (I don’t smoke and if I ever did it was occasionally when I went out and I don’t have asthma ) Over the past two weeks, gradually ...
I am 43yrs and have had no prior chronic respiratory issues (asthma, bronchitis). My problem is that when I lay down, after a while, I w...
A recent cat scan shows I have Bronchiectasis in my middle lobe. The cat scan was for my stomach but it picked this up incidentally. Wh...
*not covid related cough* For the past three week I have this cough that only happens at night. Mainly when I'm laying down but also ha...
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