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So they have in ropinirole (I forgot how to spell it) but 1mg doesn't seem to be working. :( what other meds can I request?
My doctor has never heard of this before, but I get the same sensations in my arms...mostly my hands and wrists, as I do with RLS. I hav...
Im a 16 year old girl, i wasnt properly diagnosed with this but my doctor suggested i may have it. Basically my hips, thighs , calves, an...
I'm starting to wonder if there could be a link between endometriosis and RLS. Looking back, I've always had RLS, it just never got to b...
Hello, I know the misery of RLS and the only way you can temporarily find relief, if you are lying in bed, is to literally kick the leg s...
I was diagnosed 3 days ago and haven't slept but a few hour naps. Mine seems more severe than most as it affects my shoulders which twist...
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