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Restless Leg Syndrome Community

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Hello, To those of us that suffer RLS. I have been trying Selenium 200 mg nightly. So far , so good. Good Luck, CML
Is anyone taking the medication Horizant for their Restless Leg? If so, is it helping?
My aunt has severe restless leg syndrome, we are searching for an alternative treatment as any medication upsets her stomach. Does an...
Hi all i have been on codeine for about 3 years and found myself just popping 12 to 16 pills at night along with the pills i took through...
Since stopping Lortab (20mg x 3 times a day for 4 years) cold turkey 60 days ago I have had terrible restless legs. Both legs are effecte...
Anyone else had to deal with this? I feel like a need a weighed-suit to sleep in at night with the RLS and withdrawing from Fentanyl patc...
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