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I'm on .25mg of Mirapex for RLS and am gaining weight. Has anyone else experienced this. Any idea as to why. Suggestions? Thanks!
I don't have any personal doubt about whether I have the condition -- but having finally decided to get help for it (warm rags, exercise,...
I have what seems to be the opposite of restless leg syndrome, for 15 years+ I have been haveing this feeling of a burning sensation in b...
My right leg and hands are more muscular and quite stronger than my left leg and hands. i have been to the hospital and had some x-rays ...
i have taken 2 mg of requip for 2 nights I started slow but my legs are still jumping
Have had rls once or twice a month for ten years. Then bam, it's full blown, unreal, can't do this, rls. I don't need to tell you all how...
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