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This Rheumatoid Arthritis forum is for questions and information regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis. All questions will receive a personal answer from a medical expert.
About 1 year ago, I went to an MD complaining of fatigue, muscle weakness and joint aches. He checked for mononucleosis, viral meningiti...
I hav been diagnosed wit a great toe(big toe) fracture in my left leg...doctor has done buddy taping &suggested me to take rest for four ...
Hello, I am a 45 yr old female 2007 I have recurring symptoms swollen with burning at times in knees,fingers, toes, elbows sometimes ne...
My 2 year old son has been sick for over a year now with a number of things. He has had blood work done several times and his sed rate ha...
i am 22 years old..i have RA(still desease) from about 10 years, i have tried almost everything..metothrexate(didn't well work),arava(had...
i have had thyroid removed due to suspicion of cancer. currently my levels came back high or hyper. I'm having a lot of joint pain stiffn...
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