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Want to educate people so you don't end up like me or worse. I had a badly botched root canal where a dentist used a root canal material that contains formaldehyde often called Sargenti Paste. For decades, our dental industry has known about this, has strongly denounced it and still in nearly 40 years time has not made the public aware. By the time I found out, it was too late. I suffer from horrific burning/stinging in my lower left lip and chin. A friend who I met on the internet suffers the worse problem with a chronic bone infection that has eaten away her upper right jawbone. She had it rebuilt from leg parts but it continues to erode. There is no cure for her infection, she has to try to stay one step ahead of it. We started a website for both the public and dental industry. Most dentists we have spoken with didn't think it was used any more. Sadly, it is.
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A few years ago, I was referred to an Endodontist for possible Root Canal, which she did and decided that although I'd had an infection, ...
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