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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to STDs including: Chlamydia, crabs, gonorrhea, HPV, PID, penis discharge, syphilis, testicular infections, urethritis, vaginosis, genital warts, yeast infection. All questions will be answered by a medical expert from FreedomHealth.
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I was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with herpes – from an outbreak not blood test. This may have come from protected sex with an escort...
Over a month I had oral sex unprotected , I was the reciever and it was not for very long . A few days later I have a feeling in my penis...
hello doctor, last month i went to massage the massage girl help me body massage and give me a handjob (no any sex) my occupation ...
I had unprotected oral sex in brazil a little over three weeks ago. The next day I began to feel I needed to urinate a lot. There was n...
Daer Doctor Sorry for my bad English… I’m 32 years old and I come from Poland. I’m adult but I’m responsible like 5 years old kid… I a...
I'll break it down nice and short for you. Just got over chlamydia, girlfriend cheated on me, two weeks later I decide to go out with my ...
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